Swapopolis.com Website Review & Ratings + Swapopolis Coupons
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Swapopolis.com Website Review & Ratings + Swapopolis Coupons

Swapopolis: Products & Services

Swapopolis takes deal sharing and gift card swapping and redemption to another level. If you put a deal that you desire to Swapopolis and introduce it to their "lust list", they will search for a deal identical or similar to what you are looking for.  Its deal sharing, specifically tailored to your needs.  You can alter the deals your are seeking at any time.  Swapopolis' specialty is discounted gift cards.  You can access a list of readily available gift cards sold at rates lower than their actual values.  Any way you slice it, you save valuable cash.  Their gift card selection is easily searchable with the drop down list they provide in their "buy cards" section of their website.  You also have the ability to sell unwanted gift cards for cash, even if you have spent some of the card's original value.  You are charged just 10% of the proceeds Swapopolis receives for the sale of your gift card. However, you are given free postage to mail out your gift card.  The option is also available to "swap" unwanted gift cards for cards you can use.  You can also choose to donate gift cards you don't want or need to charities.  You get rid of something adding bulk to your wallet and can feel good knowing the less fortunate are using these funds to get what they need and may not be able to afford without your selfless donation. There is a minimum of a $10 balance on your gift card to utilize it on Swapopolis.  Its easy to use Swapopolis. Simply enter the information asked about your gift card.  Swapopolis will tell you exactly how much you can earn for it.  Print out your free shipping label provided by Swapopolis and you will receive notification upon Swapopolis' receipt of your gift card.  The funds agreed upon for sale or exchange of your gift card will subsequently be deposited into your Swapopolis account. You are able to use your Swapopolis funds to get up to 115% back in new gift cards, or Swapopolis will deposit the funds directly into your bank account.  This process takes just 48 hours!

Swapopolis: Company Background

Sean Snyder is The Chief Swap Officer at Swapopolis, which is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Swapopolis has been in business since January 2010.  Sean is The President of Giftcards for Causes, a fund-raising organization for charitable organizations.  Swapopolis began at the same time he became President of Giftcards for Causes.  As a natural result of the charitable option available on Swapopolis, they have embodied the spirit of giving, which began with their Chief Swap Officer, Sean Snyder. To reach Sean directly, you can send him an email at cso@swapopolis.com.

Swapopolis: Customer Feedback & Reviews

A customer of Red Flag Deals evaluated Swapopolis.com and found that Cardswap.ca had better discounts, but Swapopolis' strong point was having a wider variety of gift cards that other sites just don't offer.  A Yahoo Voices review by Tracy McDaniel notes that Swapopolis is completely free to join and likes that you never have to pay any fees to list or trade. She also points out that since Swapopolis is not an auction site, there is no need to give details about your item listing or to upload photos. She enjoys the fact that it is simple to list with Swapopolis Mommy Kat and Kids notes that she loves the fact that every gift card includes free shipping and is covered by The Swapopolis guarantee.  She also finds joy in the fact that you are able to donate your gift cards to over 80,000 Canadian charities registered with Swapopolis.  In her review, she also notes that you receive a donation receipt for 100% of the value of the gift card.  Swapopolis is rated 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars by users of CouponRefund.comBeauty of Life also evaluated Swapopolis and found it useful in saving money on gift cards, especially Canadian groceries. My Wee View also noted positive experiences with Swapopolis.  It appears that Swapopolis has a good mix of both Canadian and North American businesses and retailer gift cards, but it seems they have gift cards more specific to Canadians.  They offer gift cards for North American companies such as The Gap, Applebees, and Best Buy.  This is a plus, because it appeals to a niche market, Canada, but has the ability to appeal to the rest of North America!

Swapopolis: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Swapopolis is not accredited with The Better Business Bureau (BBB).  However, they hold a non-accredited A- rating with The BBB.  The BBB rates businesses on a scale of A+ to F, A+ being the best score a business can possibly attain.  No complaints have been filed with The BBB for Swapopolis.

Swapopolis: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Swapopolis.com has a worldwide Alexa Traffic Ranking of 2,043,716.  There are 11 sites linking into Swapopolis.com.   Swapopolis.com has a Google Page Rank of 2 out of a possible 10.  Swapopolis.com has a 14% SEO Score.  This appears to not be their strong suit. 

Swapopolis: Social Media Presence


Swapopolis: Website Security & Safety

Swapopolis.com has a safety rating of 100 out of a possible 100 as reported through Webstatsdomain.com, who used Google Safebrowsing and Avg Antivirus to come to this conclusion. However, Google Safe Browsing has not visited Swapopolis.com within the last 90 days.  Swapopolis.com is reported as safe for children to visit. 

Swapopolis: Pricing & Packages

Swapopolis has great pricing, but there are other comparable sites they compete with that have prices that are a little better, but once Swapopolis expands, they will have the ability to compete much more effectively with other sites in their niche.  To their credit, they have good prices and deals on Canadian gift cards and offer deep discounts on a vast array of gift cards that can't be acquired by Canadians anywhere else.  

Swapopolis: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping rates are always free of charge when purchasing desired gift cards at Swapopolis.  All orders include complementary free shipping at Swapopolis' expense and are always covered by the Swapopolis Guarantee.

Swapopolis: Payment Methods Accepted

Swapopolis currently offers Mastercard and Visa for payments.  Hopefully, soon they will add other options such as Paypal, which they don't currently provide as an option to pay for your gift card purchases through Swapopolis.com

Swapopolis: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

If you buy a gift card on Swapopolis and within 30 days realize its not valid, or it has been used and does not carry the value agreed upon when you purchased it, you will receive a full refund for the amount you paid in your Swapopolis transaction.  Swapopolis guarantees each card sold on their website is valid.  If a buyer attempts to use a gift card in accordance with the gift card terms and conditions and Swapopolis' terms of use, and the merchant does not honor the gift card, Swapopolis will give you a refund.  The refund does not include expenses incurred as a result of being unable to use the gift card.  This guarantee is only valid if Swapopolis is notified of these issues within 30 days after the date of sale through Swapopolis.  Returns are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Swapopolis reserves the right to limit the dollar amount a seller is awarded and the number of claims a seller is able to file within the year, 365 days.  They also have the right to suspend or permanently cancel a Swapopolis account of a customer who abuses this privilege.  Returns cannot be made if you change your mind and decide you simply don't want the gift card.

Swapopolis: Product images & screenshots
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